UI Trends: Augmented Reality

Increasingly when you take out your phone, your input is not through the screen but through the lens. Snapchat, Facetime, Instagram stories, etc. are allowing us to connect through recorded material rather than a voiced or typed one! But even that is changing, when digital projections of objects are imposed into the physical world we can … Continue reading UI Trends: Augmented Reality

The Ultimate UX Design Blogs and Resources List

This article will provide a non-exhaustive list of websites, designers blogs, communities and many other types of resources. The list is handpicked and contains only the resources that I found very helpful to stay in the know and keep on learning everyday about UX and UI Design. It will definitely be modified throughout time as … Continue reading The Ultimate UX Design Blogs and Resources List

Design Thinking: How to Tackle Challenges Like a Designer

In 1958, 4 months after Sputnik launched and President Eisenhower created NASA, a Stanford engineering professor named John Arnold proposed that design engineering should be human-centered. Inspired by Arnold’s work, engineering professor Bob McKim, with the help of art professor Matt Kahn, created an engineering program called Product Design. Within this program, McKim and others helped … Continue reading Design Thinking: How to Tackle Challenges Like a Designer

50 Shades of Wireframes: Tools and Resources

First things first, I've seen many people often confusing between the terms: Sketches, Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes, when talking about the early stages of design work. Sketches are a raw freehand drawing on paper, Wireframes are low-fidelity skeletons that are a bit more structured, Mockups are a more consistent medium-fidelity representation with colors, fonts, images, etc. … Continue reading 50 Shades of Wireframes: Tools and Resources

Predictive UX Design

The average amount of remotely conscious decisions an adult makes per day is 35,000. In today's hectic lifestyle, making choices became much more overwhelming. More and more people, including powerful entrepreneurs and politicians, are adopting what is called the Decision-Making Diet. It is clear that the internet changed our lives for the better,  I can … Continue reading Predictive UX Design

Web Design Trends : Split-screen

While the Web Design industry is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing user interactions with the fast growing technologies, it is mandatory for designers to be up-to-date with the latest trends. Our creativity is after all the result of what we consume. The main reason I personally love following trends is that they inspire … Continue reading Web Design Trends : Split-screen