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Auto Insurance

Get an online auto insurance quote today from multiple car insurance companies, all in one place.

If you’re looking for the cheapest auto insurance you can get, it’s essential to shop around and compare quotes. You may find that your current insurer is cheapest, but that can change, so check roughly once a year.

No matter who your insurer is, we can help you save on your insurance policy.


What is Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance provider about what would happen in the event of an accident. It protects you from financial losses in the event of incidents covered by your policy. Rather than being on the hook for things like repair, replacement costs and even medical bills, you pay an auto insurance premium to your insurance provider and they will help cover the costs based upon the coverage and limits you choose.

What affects your Auto Insurance Quotes

Many factors will influence your auto insurance coverage and rates such as your age, where you live, the make and model of your vehicle, and your driving history.

These parameters come into play when insurers set individual premiums.

We understand that choosing an insurance provider takes time and research.

To simplify the process, we put in hours of research to size up the best insurance companies nationwide based on coverage options, customer satisfaction, discounts available, premium rates, and financial strength.


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Having trouble looking for affordable auto insurance? We make it easy to find auto insurance at a discount.

Comparing Auto Insurance Could Save You Hundreds!

We can’t stress enough just how important shopping around for the best auto insurance policy can be, both for your budget and peace of mind.

You want to get a policy that provides you with the best coverage at the right price.

Start Comparing Auto Insurance Today

On average, Americans drive 11,498 miles per year and spend close to an hour a day on the road, whether for enjoyment or for work-related purposes.

When you are clocking that many miles, peace of mind is important.

That’s why we care about getting you the best auto insurance at the best price. We’ve done some of the homework for you by researching hundreds of auto insurance providers.

When looking for a new auto insurance provider, keep in mind the importance of shopping around and comparing quotes before making a final decision.

Obtaining estimates from the right insurers offering the products and services you’re looking for may help you save big on auto insurance.

Remember, when auto insurance companies compete, you save.

In the long term, one of the best ways to get cheap car insurance is to be a safe, responsible driver. The worst drivers have high rates because the insurance company needs financial compensation for the high likelihood that it will have to pay out in the event these drivers get in an accident. If you have a spotless driving record, keep it up. If you have some accidents or tickets in your past, they shouldn't drive your rates up forever. If it's been a few year since your last incident, you can try calling your insurance company and asking for a lower rate, using your recent, safe driving record as a bargaining chip.

Another way to get cheap car insurance is to use the same insurance company for more than one type of insurance and get a discount for your loyalty. For example, you can contact the insurance company that provides your homeowners insurance, life insurance or motorcycle insurance and ask if the company can give you a good deal on car insurance. If you have more than one car, you can bundle the insurance coverage on both vehicles.

Your credit score will also affect your car insurance rates, just like it affects the rates you're offered when shopping for a mortgage. If your credit has improved since you last bought car insurance, you may be able to negotiate your way to cheaper auto insurance. And if you pay your car insurance premiums and bills on time and in full, you'll build up goodwill with your insurer and might qualify for promotional rates.

If you don't drive very much during the year, you might get cheaper car insurance from a usage-based plan than you would from regular car insurance. Track your mileage before you start shopping for car insurance and see if your low mileage makes you eligible for a better deal.

If you're under 25, you'll pay higher premiums, all things being equal. That's because insurance companies judge young drivers to be riskier drivers. You can get lower rates by joining your parents' plan, or by using your good grades to get a discount on rates, if your insurance company offers that option. Once you reach your mid-20s there's no reason to keep paying the high rates that insurance companies levy on young drivers. You can ask your insurance company to lower your rate, or shop around for insurance from another provider.

Finally, the type of car you drive can affect your car insurance rates. Big, powerful and flashy cars are more likely to trigger high car insurance rates because the insurance company assumes you'll be more likely to speed in that kind of vehicle, and that the vehicle will be a target for theft. Vehicles with high repair costs (such as foreign-made cars) may be more expensive to cover, too. In some states, having a used car will mean lower rates because rates are affected by your car's replacement value. But in other states, rates are based on vehicles' safety features, so having an older car won't necessarily help you get cheap car insurance. If your car has special safety and/or anti-theft features, you may qualify for cheaper car insurance on that basis.


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Our insurance experts don’t just give you quotes – you’ll get real, live rates that you can compare side by side. You can also see offers from different carriers, edit coverage details for more tailored results, and buy your policy online or over the phone.